Fine young things

I have recently had sessions with a few very young, complete newbies to the world of BDSM. I think because of their age they were well accustomed to Google searches, so they were quite articulate as far as their interests and hard limits. I advise newbies to search the internet as it is a plethora of information.  It seems that at first they are interested in one thing, then when they come back they have other interests they would like to explore. Some of the activities they thought they would enjoy, turn out not to be what  they are really into.  I also introduce them to some of my interests. I like how open they are to new things. It’s so cute when they try to impress me and want to be sure they are pleasing me. I usually start off slow with them because they are not always sure of their limits. It’s funny when I start something new like electro and begin lightly so I can gauge how intense they can go. I hear “Oh Mistress this is nothing”. I smile and then crank the unit all the way up. When they scream I laugh. I tell them they should just wait to see what they can take before opening their mouth. Obviously I know what I’m doing. They usually learn their lesson which is to leave things in my hands.