Food play humiliation with My foot slave

I saw one of My toys the other evening.  He’s very into sploshing which I do not get to do very often. It can get a bit messy but I have an enjoyable time none the less. Besides I can get him to eat most of the mess. He also loves feet and humiliation. The more dirty and degrading the better. How delightful! I make him do the most ridiculous things. I’ve covered him in chocolate sauce, rubbed my feet all over him and made him lick all the chocolate off my dirty feet. I spit on him, I have stuffed  cupcakes  up his ass to then make him eat it. The other night I was nice enough to allow him to jerk off onto a cupcake. Of course I then made him eat it. The depravity is endless with him.  When we were through, I made him eat the remnants of cupcake off the floor. His mouth was my dust pan. I know he enjoys every second of the humiliation. I mean how else would he be able to get an attractive woman to pay any attention to him? I do enjoy playing with him. He is very sweet and submissive. I wanted to try jello at one point but realized the food coloring would be a pain in the ass to get off.  I think our next session I may try pudding. Smooth and silking when rubbing it all over another person. Would glide nicely over the skin.

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