New Tricks

I saw my favorite slave again recently. He’s German so you know he is into some serious kink. It must be in the water. I think my fascination with Weimar Berlin is another reason why I enjoy sessioning with him. He is the most polite gentleman, and he truly finds pleasure in surrendering himself to my sadist nature. I enjoy CBT so his cock is usually the subject of my creativity. This last scene I wanted to do some of my favorite activities but with a twist. Too bad he was a little sensitive that day but I refused to let up. I know he is able to push himself especially with a little encouragement like me smothering him with my tits.

I was chatting with Destiny Kaine one day at the Chambers. She’s always full of sadistically fun ideas. She suggested I heat up the ends of the needle before I pull them out of the skin. How fantastic!

When I informed my pet that we were going to try something a little different and he was quite intrigued. I also used longer slightly thicker needles so that may have also added a bit of a different sensation. I just love how the needle goes through the skin of the cock and balls like butter. When I was through slowly piercing all the way up his balls to his cock, I admired my work. The Tens was sitting next to me since we had just finished with  it prior to inserting the needles. I thought why not, let’s put these electro pads on the needles before I heat them up. I played with a few different setting to see what really got him.  I love watching him squirm. After removing the pads I gave him some  encouragement by putting my tits in his face again. I want to get in his head and have him let go before I heat  the needles. So I got the lighter out, and lit the end of the first needle. As I pulled it out he remarked how it did feel a bit different. I did a couple more like that. Then I began leaving the flame on the end of the needle even longer, to where it turned orange and that was when I removed it. That was even more intense. I’m so impressed with this slave. He’s obedient and knows his place which is to be used for my sadistic pleasure. Since we have been seeing each other pretty regularly for a few years maybe I’ll reward him with a nude the session. Of course he’ll either be blindfolded or I will be annihilating his cock.

Emasculating fun

Whenever I go shopping, I see men with their significant others. These men are following their ladies around looking so pathetic holding shopping bags, going to stores they obviously don’t want to be in. My absolute favorite, most emasculating thing is when the guy is carrying around his girlfriend’s purse. Whether these vanilla folk realize it or not they are participating in some kinky humiliation. These ladies are definitely the dominant in the relationship and these guys, whether they admit to it or not, enjoy the humiliation or they wouldn’t be there. I look right at them and laugh. It’s as if I know their dirty little secret that even though they look miserable, I know they are enjoying every moment of it. Especially the attention from the hot blonde they don’t know who is laughing at them.

When I go on outings with worthy slaves, this is what I like for them to do. If it is someone who hasn’t done much public play this is where I like to start. Just something simple. Take me shopping and the only time I pay them attention is to tell them to come over to me and be my shopping cart. Then when I go to the dressing room I tell them to hold my purse. How pathetic is that? The random guy sitting there for half an hour outside the dressing room with a purse. When I am finished my shopping, I give them my bags and my purse to carry. So simple yet so emasculating.