Kinky executive

I enjoy role play especially when the other person involved really gets into it. That’s great chemistry and makes for a memorable session. I had such recently. He had some experience and liked incorporating some aspects of his real life situation to create a role play scene. I just rolled with it.

He’s the high level executive with a family. He travels a lot for work which leads him astray from his marriage. He’s been fucking his hair stylist, Angelina. He’s in town and goes to her place to surprise her. He’s met by her roommate Isadora. She invites him in and he obliges, really because she’s extremely sexy and he has secretly been wanting to fuck her since he laid eyes on her. Isadora sits down next to him and begins stoking his arm. She tells him Angelina is away  on a movie shoot. Isadora then informs him that she knows he has a wife, a family and is a high level executive  having not only an affair but has a foot fetish and a love of cock! Isadora had set up cameras all over the house and has been filming him with Angelina when she was not home. She has video of him eating his cum off Angelina’s feet as well as sucking and fucking her strap on. Isadora blackmails him and tells him if he does not do everything she tells him, she will send the tapes to his work and his wife.

He really got into the role play scene. I allowed him to worship my feet because I knew that was one of his weaknesses and made him strip. I cuffed him to the CBT chair and and crushed his cock with my foot. His cock needs to be punished for his infidelities. I made him wear ruffly panties and told him to dance for me. I threatened to pimp him out to men. Though I think he would enjoy that. I then hog tied him and as he lay on his stomach I pulled his panties aside to shove a large butt plug up his ass. I told him I control him now. He will be used how I see fit. I untied him and made him get on his knees to suck my cock. I then made him bend over the bench. I fucked this bitch hard and long. I pulled his hair, pulling his head back, smacking his ass, telling him I now owned his mussy. He begged me to pound his ass harder yelling ” yes Mistress fuck me, you own me!’.  I ended the scene by making him jerk off. When I threatened ta count down he came and I made him eat it.

Twisted cock

I revel in CBT. Though I enjoy using gadgets for torture sometimes the hands are the best device. I like when hands are specifically requested like last week. I began by putting him in cuffs and locking his hands behind his back. Just doing that got him rock hard.  As I ran my hands softly all over his body I whispered in his ear that he was all mine now and I could do whatever I wanted with him. I looked in his eyes and smiled, then swiftly smacked his dick as hard as I could. I laughed as he buckled over in pain. I grabbed the hair on the back of his head, pulling his head back and told him to toughen up, this was just the beginning. When he stood up straight I began running my nails softly on his cock to begin with, then a little rougher. I noticed he had a very leaky dick. Something else I enjoy feeding  my pets their own cum and cock juice. So when I noticed it beginning to drip I grabbed a glove got all of the dick juice in my hand and fed it to him.

I completely understand why a man would enjoy hand cock torture. Men love the way their cocks look in my petite hands. I’ve been told this. Also they want my hands on their cock, what slave doesn’t? Now in order for this to happen, it’s on my terms.

After I made him lick off all the juice from my fingers, I gripped his cock and began twisting, slowly. When my wrist couldn’t twist any further I took over with my other hand. He began breathing heavy, groaning  as I kept it twisted up like this. I let go allowing him a moment to breath. He said thank you Mistress. I told him “you’re welcome” then gripped up his dick again. I twisted and pulled on it , hard in a jerking off kind of a motion. If a slave ever wants me to jerk him off, this is what he gets. This darling little slave just kept repeating thank you Mistress, thank you.

Nectar of a Goddess

I saw a new slave. He was quite experienced and was pretty much up for anything. One of his specific interests is consumption of Mistress’s golden nectar. Far be it for me to deny him this. Now I piss on plenty slaves but more often than not they just like to bathe in it or use it as lubrication to jerk off their pathetic cock. When the latter happens I love grabbing a glove so I can scoop up their nasty cum with my piss off their stomach and force it down their throat. That’s my kind of happy ending.

Now back to consumption,  I was happy to grant him the honor. For the new year I decided I would stay more hydrated. I’ve been drinking a lot more water. This showed during his shower. I didn’t feel like I had to go any more than I normally do. I took my panties off and hovered over his face. I felt a stream start to come out so I dropped a little lower closer to his face so I would have a slightly better aim in his mouth. Well, there was the first mouthful he swallowed right up, the the second and third. I then realized I now feel like I have a much fuller bladder. Again 3 more mouthfuls and I then moved further down and got a bit on his chest. Still I had more in me! Mouthful after mouthful he swallowed and I completely soaked the puppy pads under his head. After our session he emailed me to tell me how delicious it taste and how he had a fantastic time.

This reminded me of the first time a gave a golden shower. I had to have drank a gallon of water. I knew this slave enjoyed consuming a large amount and I definitely wanted to drown him in my piss. I told him to get ready under the toilet throne. He drank so much of my piss when he couldn’t drink any more I just pissed all over his face. There was no way I was going to be uncomfortable holding my urine in because he couldn’t drink fast enough. He remarked how natural it was to me and how much piss I let out for my first time it was like I had been doing it for years.