Nectar of a Goddess

I saw a new slave. He was quite experienced and was pretty much up for anything. One of his specific interests is consumption of Mistress’s golden nectar. Far be it for me to deny him this. Now I piss on plenty slaves but more often than not they just like to bathe in it or use it as lubrication to jerk off their pathetic cock. When the latter happens I love grabbing a glove so I can scoop up their nasty cum with my piss off their stomach and force it down their throat. That’s my kind of happy ending.

Now back to consumption,  I was happy to grant him the honor. For the new year I decided I would stay more hydrated. I’ve been drinking a lot more water. This showed during his shower. I didn’t feel like I had to go any more than I normally do. I took my panties off and hovered over his face. I felt a stream start to come out so I dropped a little lower closer to his face so I would have a slightly better aim in his mouth. Well, there was the first mouthful he swallowed right up, the the second and third. I then realized I now feel like I have a much fuller bladder. Again 3 more mouthfuls and I then moved further down and got a bit on his chest. Still I had more in me! Mouthful after mouthful he swallowed and I completely soaked the puppy pads under his head. After our session he emailed me to tell me how delicious it taste and how he had a fantastic time.

This reminded me of the first time a gave a golden shower. I had to have drank a gallon of water. I knew this slave enjoyed consuming a large amount and I definitely wanted to drown him in my piss. I told him to get ready under the toilet throne. He drank so much of my piss when he couldn’t drink any more I just pissed all over his face. There was no way I was going to be uncomfortable holding my urine in because he couldn’t drink fast enough. He remarked how natural it was to me and how much piss I let out for my first time it was like I had been doing it for years.

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