You can not resist the power I have over you

I know you revel in our time together. The chemistry created in scene is addicting to you. You spend every waking moment thinking about the flick of my finger on your tightly bound cock. You can’t get the thought of me sliding my huge cock in and out of your mussy pulling your hair for days on end. “Take that big cock you nasty whore!” echoes in your ears at night. I’m like a drug for you. You need your fix. You will do anything to be in my presence, no matter how humiliating. You yearn for this Domina to instruct you on how to jerk off your petite cock. You contact me because you need me to trample all over your pathetic dick. I’ve taken over  your depraved fantasies. The scent of my feet lingering from your lips intoxicates you. You want to make me happy so you are more than willing to entertain my sadistic tendencies. You want me to pierce you with needles up and down your cock, then electrify them. There is a void that only I can fix.  Contact me for our session. Your life will never be the same once you have played with the Platinum Blonde Domme.

I am a Goddess

I believe in commanding respect not demanding it. I attribute that to my respect of a slave’s /sub’s time, limits and interests. From the moment of our first email interaction if I think you have no respect for MY time, limits or interests you will not get a response. When someone refuses to read my bio and protocol to find out a little about me prior to contacting me, it shows a lack of consideration for my boundaries. For true players, this is a given. They do the research to find a Domina that they feel would be a good match for them. Even those with little to no experience that are aware of their interests or hard limits and want to explore, seek a Domme who may be a good fit by reading through bios. This is when mutual respect is established. If an initial interaction comes of as demanding, boundary pushing and ignorant, I do not respond.

I also don’t do low brow. If something doesn’t tickle my fancy, I just won’t do it. Especially do not contact me for discounts. It always amuses me that some actually think even though I have never met them, they are going to impress me so much that they deserve a discount. Not going to happen. Rewards are only given to those who have worked for it. That’s just a fact of life.

It is through my beauty, my intelligence, my skill as a Domina and my mutual respect of others that I command the respect I am given from my slaves/subs.

Turkey Time

I have a few slaves who come to me with some very interesting fetishes which I thoroughly enjoy. This slave I have been seeing for quite awhile. He is into food play, dirty feet and  humiliation to name few.  Great combo of interests and I love the opportunity to get creative. Before he arrived I told him to pick up some BBQ sauce and sliced cold cuts. I had a crazy idea and I just rolled with it. When he arrived, I informed him we would be playing some games. I started by having him strip naked. Of course it is not the best sight to behold and I always let him know it. He is fat, hairy and has the smallest dick. Humiliation comes easy with him I must say.

This particular session I decided to whip out the ring toss butt plug, a favorite of mine. He just looked ridiculous bent over with a small pole coming out of his mussy.  He just wants attention and he will do anything no matter how pathetic just to get me to laugh at him, to pay attention to him for a moment.  He’s completely dirty and perverted which is great. After a few rounds of ring toss he informed me that was the first time he ever has anything up his ass. How wonderful to now have popped his cherry. I then decided to grab dildo. I then made him get on his knees and suck my cock. He loves to eat so I stuffed his mouth with my cock. When I was finished this whore couldn’t get enough. He told me how bad he wanted my cock in his ass. Of course, being the compassionate Domina I am I gave him what he needed. I bent him over the bench and fucked his tight little mussy. He squealed like the piggies he is.

After taking his virginity, I then gave him the bottle of BBQ sauce and told him to start rubbing it all over his naked body.  As he was doing this I ordered him to give me a show. I like to be entertained by men humiliating themselves to be in my presence. After he danced and was covered in BBQ sauce, I took out the slices of turkey. You see, the game we would be playing was me throwing turkey at him and seeing  how many slices I could get to stick to his disgusting BBQ covered body. Some I threw lightly, others I threw hard slapping against his repulsive physique. Since it was my game and my rules, I won. He being the loser was made to wipe off the BBQ with the warm turkey slices attached to him. He was then made to eat them like the pig he is. He was so turned on by this his minuscule cock  was rock hard. I then had the fantastic idea to lube up his ass with the BBQ sauce and shove a turkey covered dildo up his ass. When I was finished that tiny dick was still hard. I let him lube it up with the BBQ and wack off. When I noticed he was close to releasing, I brought over some turkey I pulled out of his ass.  I instructed him to cum on the turkey and eat it. It was quite entertaining to watch.