Total Control

He was new to me but not new to the scene. He told me he had been playing for 15 years on and off. Judging from his email I could tell he was familiar with protocol and was aware of his limits, the few he had. He wanted to give total control to me. No safe word, consensual non consent. Even better yet, he enjoyed longer sessions so we had the proper time to explore the vast possibilities.

When we spoke before session I asked if there was anything he particularly gravitated toward. A starting point for me as my mind was just reeling with ideas. He said ball stretching and crushing. Of course any CBT I enjoyed but that was a favourite.

He began naked on his knees at my feet. I bent down, pulled his hair and told him he was now mine to do as I pleased. I told him to stand up and spread his legs. I then cuffed him to a spreader bar. With more easy access to his cock and balls I tied some rope around them with a little more tightening around the balls. This is when I like to flick them slightly. They just look like they want it ! Then I put on the parachute. I hooked weights from all sides. Slowing increasing and moving the dangling weights around before adding another. After the last weight I felt like putting on was added, I grabbed his cock in my hand, squeezed it tight and twisted it around roughly. He bent over whining and crying in agony. All I could do is laugh at him being absolutely pathetic. I wanted to push him so twisted it around a few times more.

Given no restrictions really, the scene flowed nicely. CBT chair is aways fun for some flogging and clothespins. I can get really close to the slave while he is on the chair. Scratch him sensuality with my nails while digging my knee into his balls. Pinching his nipples while telling him how much I enjoy watching him suffer. Tied up, helpless as I am standing over them.

We played with the humbler as I used some electro on his balls. Gave those balls quite a few whacks with a riding crop. I decided to do a bit of rope bondage. I did a nice little body harness. I also tied his arms back. With some rope around his balls, I took the end of the rope and tied it to a hook in the wall. I would go back and forth between smacking his dick and pulling on the rope to yank on his balls. He would cry out in pain a bit but I was relentless. I just put a ball gag in his mouth. He wanted to be pushed with no safe word and I think that now going into the fourth hour his cock and balls were very sore from the lengthy torture.

I untied him and then had him lay on the bondage bed. I tied his legs spread out to the bed along with his arms. I got a ball crusher out and began crushing his balls tighter and tighter. I did electro with the tens on his cock as I crushed his balls more. I noticed this was making him excited so I used the vibrator on him a bit. All of this seemed to take him closer to the edge. I then slowed down because I had a wonderfully devious idea.  I let his balls loose to then crush them again as  I used the vibrator on his cock. Once I noticed his excitement I crushed his balls and put on the teeth. I crushed his balls tighter and tighter and I could see his dick getting harder in those teeth. He was screaming so I put the ball gag back on. I kept doing all this occasionally adding in the vibrator. I knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more. I figured we’d end with a bang so I flicked my finger on the head of his purple cock, engorged from those kali’s teeth and ball crusher. With the scream he let out I figured that was about all he could take so I gave him the option to end at that point. He told me thank you for such a great session and I have to say I had a fantastic time!