Big boys

I am always amused by who comes to see me. I get a wide variety. I take note of guys who are physically big. As in well over 6’2 that want me to control and dominate them. I’m 4’11 barefoot and weigh about 107 lbs. I have had guys who are 6’6 come to see me and want me to render them helpless. Of course this is completely fine with me and I rather enjoy it. I had a restaurateur whose establishments I am familiar with come to see me. He wanted to relinquish total control to me and beat the shit out of him. When we met in person he was tall, at least 6’3 and a very muscular guy.  He definitely spent his spar time in the gym weight training. I mean looking at us both physically out of this context you would think he would be dominant but alas, no. He wanted to give me all the power and control both physically and mentally. I had him on his knees worshiping my boots. A far cry from standing upright, in control of the numerous restaurant he operates. I then beat him. Something that was much-needed. I think being in that position it must be a fantastic feeling to just let go and let another be in control, especially a sadist beautiful goddess such as myself. I whipped, spanked and flogged him in submission. I already had control of him mentally from the he emailed me. I broke him. So much so that towards the end of our session he was in tears on the floor.  I pushed him to his edge. I knew he was loving every moment and enjoyed the fact that I was. A few weeks after our session he emailed me to thank me. He never thought such a sweet looking Mistress such as myself could be so cruel and take control of him like that. I am a true fem domme bitch and the femme fatale of your dreams.