You will no longer worship your god you will worship Me. You will bow before My feet, worship My tits, ass.  Do what ever it is to keep Me happy or face My wrath. Devote your life to My happiness. Donate all your worldly possessions to me and take a vow of poverty giving all your pay checks  to Me. You will take a vow of chastity and I will lock your cock up just like your god. I will tease you and taunt you, test your devotion. You must suffer for your Goddess.

You must commit blasphemy to be my true slave. Denounce your holy father for the true higher power, the Goddess. The true religion of Female Supremacy. You will forsake all the other false gods.

Confess your sins to me, your deviant erotic desires. I will redeem you like not other god. As Rasputin once said “how can you sincerely repent if you have not sinned?”

You will make pilgrimages to see me and bring me gifts. Visit me every week to show I am your everything because I am the all powerful and almighty Goddess. Drinking my nectar and blood will become a ritual you will need to feel be close to me. Prove you are my most devoted follower.