Latex fetish

I like latex. I have a few pieces and am always looking for more. I have no problem with a wardrobe request for it. This particular fetishist requested I wear my black latex catsuit, shiny platform heels and glossy red lips. Looks that I do wear to begin with. He also had a smoking fetish. I am not a cigarette smoker but there is something erotic and dangerous  about it, so I will indulge in the vice from time to time during session.

I put him in a shiny PVC catsuit and a collar around his neck. I attached the chain leash to his neck and ordered him to get on his knees. I rewarded him with my spit in his mouth. I then lead him across the room where I sat in a large wooden chair. With him at my feet, I instructed him to begin to worship my feet. Just like any fetishist it was hard for him to control himself. He enthusiastically rubbed his face all over my shiny platform heels, then holding each of them and licking them from heel to toe. He took one of my heel and began sucking it like a cock, licking and deep throating. As he was reveling my shoes, lit up a cigarette.  A few clouds of smoke began to fill the room. I yanked on his leash, drawing him up from my feet. Face to face I blew the smoke right at him. He breathed it in deeply with a smile.  I took another puff. I let it out as I told him that he was now my plaything. I took another long puff and stood up. I allowed him to rub his head on my shiny latex, blowing more smoke at him. I made him open him open his mouth and I flicked the ash off the tip of my cigarette into his mouth. I had him keep his mouth open and I gave him a nice bit of my spit to help wash it all down. When I was finished with the cigarette, I let him worship more of my latex. He rubbed his face all over my legs thighs and ass. i let him shine my catsuit as well. What a lucky bitch. I finished our session my pissing down his throat. I sat on my toiet with him beneath me, smoking and pissing.

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