Sensually sadistic tease and denial

I will do tease and denial sessions but on my terms. I prefer to add a more sadistic element in addition to a total mind fuck. I want those who are willing to  experiment because I know they will grow to like it. I know what they are willing to do and a slight push will help them to find out that it could be something they wanted.

I had a client recently who wanted to do a tease and denial session. He only had 2 previous sessions. When I asked if he had any other interests he responded that he had tried things and was interested in exploring more but to stay on the more sensual side. I thought we would make a great match.

He stood there in front of me, naked as I assessed him. I like to touch my slaves. Run my hands all over their body. A reminder it’s mine to do as a please. I put wrist and ankle cuffs on him. I then led him to the St. Andrew’s Cross where I locked him. I went to grab my flogger. With his back towards me, I ran the flogger up and down his back and buttocks. I could see his cock getting rock hard. I started lightly and flogged his ass rhythmically to the music getting slightly more intense as I went along. I know what he wants and what he doesn’t even know he wants. I grab my vibrator and use it a bit on his cock and balls. I have him just where I want him. I stop and begin flogging him harder this time. Seems he got a little harder this time as well. I unlock his cuffs and order him to face me. I grab a battery powered tooth brush and use it on his nipples and cock. I like to introduce different sensations during play. I know I can push him now. I put clothes pins on each nipple. I then ran my hand down his chest and slowly put 2 clothes pins on his cock. I again use the vibrator on him. He is happy and turned on by me pushing his limits. I remove the clothes pins and rub my ass on his cock.

I led him to the bondage bed, then tied him down. I pinched his nipples and scratched the head of his cock. I wanted to introduce him to another new sensation, electro. I brought out the TENS unit and put one pad on his balls and one on his cock. I started very low slowly turning it up. Not very high but enough to get a reaction to altering pulses. I rewarded him by sitting on his face. I started the electro again while playing with his nipples, running a feather up and down his body.

My tease and denial toy was a pleasure to play with. I know he enjoyed himself because he purchased a gift for me from my Wishlist after our session. It was very thoughtful of him.


Glove and spit Fetish

I enjoy playing with fetishists of all kinds. This particular fetishist stated he had a thing for leather gloves and spit as well as being smothered by a dominant woman. Perfect as I had just received the faux leather corset and pants ordered. He stated his interests lied on the sensual side but would like to explore a bit of CBT. This was  definitely the type of sensual session I can get into.

I opened the play room door to him on his knees, naked, head down ass up. I walked over to him and put the foot of my thigh high leather boot on his head. I informed him he was now my plaything. Grabbing him by the hair on the back of his head, I ordered him to stand up and go lay on the bondage table. I locked his wrists and legs to the table just incase he  had any thought of getting away. Standing over him I ran my leather gloved hands all over his naked body. I then put my hand over his mouth. He squirmed a bit so I put my other hand over his nose. He squirmed around a bit more but I could see he was getting aroused. I let him breath for a few seconds as I scratched his cock with my gloved hand. Before putting my hand back over his mouth, I decided to spit on it. A long thick line of spit from my lip to my hand. I then slapped my spitty glove on his face. Rubbing the spit around  with both of my gloved hands, over his mouth, nose, and forehead to finally hold both of my hands over his mouth and nose making it incapable for him to breath. I told him I would let him know when he could breath. I kept doing this over and over, more spit, laughing as he moved around trying to break free as I held my spit covers hands over his face. At one point when I allowed him to breath I slapped his cock. He enjoyed it as I knew he would so I put one hand over his mouth and used the other to slap his hard cock. I made him lick all of his pre cum juices off my leather gloves.

I undid his wrists and ankles, then had him lay on the floor. My boots were something that seemed to make him weak. As he lay on the floor I stepped on his balls with the bottom of my boot, then my heel. I did the same to his cock crushing it. I sat on the bondage able right above his head. I put my boots on his face. He licked and kissed them as head rubbed his face all over them. I took my boots off. I began smothering him with my feet then rubbing them all over his face.

I had a lovely time exploring a variety of interests with this new plaything. He had a great time as well so I am sure I will be seeing him again.