Sexual Psychodrama

I have a penchant for the taboo. I enjoy imaginative role-play. When potential slaves come to me with what some may say are bizarre scenarios, I thrive. I have had fantasies play out both on calls and in person.

A particularly memorable call came in a few weeks ago. His scene involved the 2 of us to be cat burglars. I sneak into a neighbour’s apartment while she is asleep. I then begin kissing and caressing her. Since she recognises me and has had a crush on me, she finds this fantastic. Then my cat burglar partner comes in with the rope. Our neighbour still says nothing and seems to be completely into this surprise visit. My fellow burglar quietly sits at the edge of the bed and watches us. I take my clothes off and she hers. I straddle her then, I tie her wrists to the head board. I kiss her as I slowly wrap my hands around her neck. I squeeze her neck tighter and tighter. As she begins to squirm, I rub my pussy on her. I stop and allow her to breath. We are all so turned on I do it again but this time is different. I get too carried away, I strangle her with my bare hands.

I really enjoyed how this taboo fantasy played out between the two of us during the call. It felt quite realistic, he and I talking while he was sitting on the edge of the bed as I strangled her. Letting our imagination run wild.

Another recent scenario presented itself as an in person session. We were brother and sister who were getting together to catch up. My brother told me how he missed coming to see myself as well as my husband because he loved looking at his big cock. We reminisced on the sex parties I invited him to that involved the members of our church group. We would all fuck in my large mansion on the beach, including some of the clergy.   We chatted about all the sexual acts we engaged in and what we saw others do. This was quite the taboo role-play and immensely imaginative. We went quite out there on the edge. I found it very satisfying.