Mistress Isadora visiting New Orleans 7/27-31

I have a love for travel. One of the many wonderful things about being a pro domme is playing in different cities. I am traveling to New Orleans July 27-31, taking sessions at Mistress Genevieve’s fully equipped dungeon. To book, contact me via email with your interests, hard limits, level of experience and the names of the pro dommes you have served. If it is your first time do not fret, I enjoy popping cherries. Do read my website in it’s entirety prior to contacting me. If your kink is not on my list of interests you may politely inquire unless of course it is already listed as a hard limit of mine. If you are unable to meet with me but would like to contribute to my domme travels, Gift Rocket and Amazon Gift Cards are my preferred tribute.





address Gift Cards to mistressisadora@yahoo.com


From the slave’s perspective

This is another one of my slave’s sharing our session from his perspective.

Footboy’s Story of Humiliation:

“I have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Isadora a few times now. Each time gets better than the previous session which is why I keep coming back for more (I have told her she has become like an addiction for me).
Upon contacting Mistress for the first timjust outlined a few of my interests, mainly humiliation and an insatiable foot fetish. Mistress did not disappoint with just those few details I provided.
Mistress was so warm and welcoming when I entered the dungeon for the first time. After some small talk, she had me strip naked and get all on all fours, she informed me going forward that she expects someone as pathetic as me to greet her in that way all times going forward.
The verbal assault and physical humiliation took off from there. She called me every name in the book (bitch, slut, etc). all while teasing me with her feet. After a while of forcing me to clean her boots (with my tongue of course) she finally allowed me to remove her boots and start kissing and licking those beautiful bare feet. She could sense that I was getting too excited but told me she was not done with me. She walked me on my leash into the bathroom and told me to enter the tub. Mistress then proceeded to put these ridiculous bunny ears on me and urinated all over my pathetic body. She informed me I could finally release and needless to say it took a matter of seconds after one if the most incredible times I had ever had.
I have seen Mistress many more times since then like I said. She just keeps getting more creative each time. A few additional highlights have been surrounding food play. She has had me being cupcakes and then proceeded to shove them in my ass. Of course I have been made to eat them after pulling them out. She has also made me cum on them and the consume every last drop. All the while the verbal assaults just keep getting better, one of my all time favorites was “how pathetic…you need my toes in your mouth to cum.” Just the way Mistress said it, pushed me over the edge.
Mistress has also taken me in public a few times which takes it to another level. She has forced me to rub her feet in a restaurant while chewing her food then spitting it into my drink which then I was required to drink. We have been on shopping trips as well where I am expected to buy Mistress some items her gear desires which if course I would never say no to. However, she of course requires me to carry all the bags as well as her purse! I definitely feel shame as I know people think I’m a loser but like I said Mistress us an addiction so I’m more than happy to do anything she asks me to do.
After writing this, I feel the urge to schedule another session soon to see what other creative ways beautiful Mistress Isadora has come up with to further humiliate me.”


You will no longer worship your god you will worship Me. You will bow before My feet, worship My tits, ass.  Do what ever it is to keep Me happy or face My wrath. Devote your life to My happiness. Donate all your worldly possessions to me and take a vow of poverty giving all your pay checks  to Me. You will take a vow of chastity and I will lock your cock up just like your god. I will tease you and taunt you, test your devotion. You must suffer for your Goddess.

You must commit blasphemy to be my true slave. Denounce your holy father for the true higher power, the Goddess. The true religion of Female Supremacy. You will forsake all the other false gods.

Confess your sins to me, your deviant erotic desires. I will redeem you like not other god. As Rasputin once said “how can you sincerely repent if you have not sinned?”

You will make pilgrimages to see me and bring me gifts. Visit me every week to show I am your everything because I am the all powerful and almighty Goddess. Drinking my nectar and blood will become a ritual you will need to feel be close to me. Prove you are my most devoted follower.

You can not resist the power I have over you

I know you revel in our time together. The chemistry created in scene is addicting to you. You spend every waking moment thinking about the flick of my finger on your tightly bound cock. You can’t get the thought of me sliding my huge cock in and out of your mussy pulling your hair for days on end. “Take that big cock you nasty whore!” echoes in your ears at night. I’m like a drug for you. You need your fix. You will do anything to be in my presence, no matter how humiliating. You yearn for this Domina to instruct you on how to jerk off your petite cock. You contact me because you need me to trample all over your pathetic dick. I’ve taken over  your depraved fantasies. The scent of my feet lingering from your lips intoxicates you. You want to make me happy so you are more than willing to entertain my sadistic tendencies. You want me to pierce you with needles up and down your cock, then electrify them. There is a void that only I can fix.  Contact me for our session. Your life will never be the same once you have played with the Platinum Blonde Domme.

Emasculating fun

Whenever I go shopping, I see men with their significant others. These men are following their ladies around looking so pathetic holding shopping bags, going to stores they obviously don’t want to be in. My absolute favorite, most emasculating thing is when the guy is carrying around his girlfriend’s purse. Whether these vanilla folk realize it or not they are participating in some kinky humiliation. These ladies are definitely the dominant in the relationship and these guys, whether they admit to it or not, enjoy the humiliation or they wouldn’t be there. I look right at them and laugh. It’s as if I know their dirty little secret that even though they look miserable, I know they are enjoying every moment of it. Especially the attention from the hot blonde they don’t know who is laughing at them.

When I go on outings with worthy slaves, this is what I like for them to do. If it is someone who hasn’t done much public play this is where I like to start. Just something simple. Take me shopping and the only time I pay them attention is to tell them to come over to me and be my shopping cart. Then when I go to the dressing room I tell them to hold my purse. How pathetic is that? The random guy sitting there for half an hour outside the dressing room with a purse. When I am finished my shopping, I give them my bags and my purse to carry. So simple yet so emasculating.