After our last session, this slave expressed interest in being mummified in plastic. I was more than happy to introduce him to this type of bondage as he had never tried it before. I had him slip the plastic under his arm and starting at his shoulders I wrapped the plastic roll around him. I had him turn around and around as I wrapped black plastic around his body to about his upper highs. I had him hop on the bondage bed where I finished wrapping the plastic around his legs to his feet.  There he was all wrapped up like a mummy. I asked him how he was feeling so far. He said he was enjoying himself. I noticed he could still move his upper body and legs a bit. I grabbed some rope. I bound him to the bed with the rope. Similar to lacing a shoe using the rings on the sides of the bed. Now he was barely able to move around at all.

I put a gag in his mouth. I ripped the plastic from around his crotch and pulled out his cock and balls. I decided to put a few clothes pins on the head of his dick. I ripped the plastic off of each of his nipples. I put  clamps on his nipples and pulled on the chain. He moaned through his gag. I let go and looked at him up and down. He was so helpless, I couldn’t help but laugh. I began to use a vibrator on the head of his dick not quite touching the clothes pins. I told him that I was really enjoying this because he was unable to move. I decided I would flick each of those clothespins off with my fingers. With each one he would try to move from the pain but couldn’t. I thought I would reward him. I removed the gag and sat on his face in my gorgeous black shiny catsuit. I used the vibrator on him as I pulled on those nipple clamps. I could hear and feel him screaming. The vibration from his moans made may ass vibrate. Even better I would move so he was unable to breath. Hearing him gasp for air between my legs made me giggle.

I undid the rope and after a bit of moving around he was on his stomach. I ripped the plastic from near his ass. I stuck a lubed, gloved hand up his ass. He was now prepared for me to insert an electro butt plug. Once that was in and turned on, I put two tens pads on his cock via the trap door in the bondage bed. How fun. I love this scene with him laying down while getting electro in his ass and to his cock while not being able to move. And how exposed in that position! Now with both of them going , I adjusted the pulses on both With each change he would let out a different moan or scream. It was so fun tormenting him

Monthly torture

I am always looking forward to getting creative with this slave. I see him at least once a month.  I began by having him sit in the CBT chair. I locked the cuffs on his wrists and ankles to the chair. I tied rope around his thighs and upper arm to make him more immobile. I tied rope around the head of his cock then ran it through the hook on his neck collar. I tied weighs to the end of the rope. I kept holding and releasing the weights to make sure he knew they were there. His balls were too exposed for me to ignore. I like to get close, then step on the balls. I like to increase to a rhythmic kick to hear some moaning.

When I was finished with him in this position, I tied his hands above his head to a beam and locked a spreader bar to his ankles. I used medical nipple clamps, the ones with the long handles and tied the end of them to the spreader bar. Because the bar was attached to his nipples it would raise a bit. I liked this because I was able to go behind him and step on the bar causing the rope to tug down on those nipple clamps.

I hung about 5 pounds from his balls. I put a ton of clothes pins on his cock which I then flicked off with my fingers. He can take a decent amount of torture. This is very satisfying to not only my sadistic self but also my creative side.

A fetishist’s journey

When I first heard from this slave he sent his fantasy of a leather glove clad dominatrix rubbing her spit all over his face with her glove. Then smothering him, hand over mouth. I found out he had quite a few other fetishes and interests. And now he is back for more.

I sauntered into the dungeon in a black PVC corset, leather gloves and leggings with thigh high lace up boots. There he was, on his knees in front of the bondage bed with his hands resting on top cushion. I could feel his anticipation. He appeared more of a sub than the last time we met.  I think his new found level of comfort with me is a result of our previous session. He is now ready to fully submit to me.

I ran my hand up his back to the nape of his neck and pulled his hair. With his head back I let a long line of spit fall from my tongue to his mouth. I rubbed my leather clad gloves all over his face. I had him give me his hands to put on cuffs, then I told him to stand and put on ankles cuffs. I locked him to the cross.

I put a leather cock strap on him. His tightly bound cock began to drip when I put it on. I wiped his dick juice off with the finger of my glove. He was ordered to lick off. I ran my gloves all over his body, pressing my tits on his chest. I put a blindfold on him. took a small soft leather flogger with thin tails and rubbed it all along his body then took a battery powered tooth brush to his bound cock. I went back to get that flogger. As I did I could see him quiver, he couldn’t see a thing. I lightly began to use that flogger on him, slowly and softly. More about the sensation than any pain.

I unlocked him and had him kneel at the foot of the bondage bed again. I sat atop the bed and put my boots in front of him. I told him I wanted him as my personal boot licker. He smiled and softly licked my boots up and down, caressing them with his hands and face. He looked at my boots admiringly, then put an entire pointy toe of the boot in his mouth. I told him he was a little slutty and we both laughed.

I had him lay on the bondage table. I locked his wrists and legs to the rings on the side of the bed. I leaned over top of him and let the spit slowly drip from my mouth into his. I spit a little in my glove. I rubbed my spitted gloves all over his face and then slid them over his mouth, not allowing him to breath. My other gloved hand pinched his nose. His breathing was strained and he struggled a bit. He was locked in but was trying to flail around with my hand on his face. After a bit I let go. He breathed in deeply and was rock hard.

I took my boots off an stood on the bondage bed. Above him I ran my bare feet all over him. I put them in his face, in his mouth and stepped on his cock with them. I got on top of him, put my tits in his face smothering him. I allowed him to catch his breath. I wrapped my hands around his neck pinning him to the bed. I took one hand off and covered his moth. He was cute attempting to struggle. I may be petite but I definitely had him in a difficult situation.

I spit in his moth thetas on his face. I smothered him so hard I could feel him trying to breath in my ass through my pants. I took a hitachi to his cock as I took away is ability to breath with my ass.

I have alot of fun with this plaything and fetishist. I am sure we will explore more as we get to know each other and he lets go even more.




Sunday Funday

I  received an email from a client I had seen previously. His job brings him to Philly every few weeks and he enjoys a little afternoon delight before departing. He is into almost anything except blood and fluids. That’s a pretty wide range. He also can’t take too hard of a slap to the cock which I learned our first session. I’m not one to cross limits so even though I do mindfuck him a bit I won’t slap his cock that hard again.

He wanted to do a bit more bondage and I’ve been feeling rope bondage as of lately. When I entered the room he was not assuming the position. I told him he should know by now. I grabbed his head and pushed it to the floor. Naked, head down ass up is how I like my slave to greet me. When I come into session I often like to lightly runs my finger nails all over my slaves body. It helps me get a feel for them if you will.

I ordered this pup to the CBT chair. I put cuffs on his spread ankles and attached them to the chair. I did the same with his wrists. I like this because it reminds me of a sitting spread eagle position. I have access to my toy’s nipples as well as his cock. I tied his thighs to the legs of the chair. When you start hitting someone in the dick they do have a tendency to squirm even if they are enjoying it. I also tied the upper portion of his arms in the same manner for the same reason.

I stood in front of him an pushed my knee into his cock. I tapped my foot on his cock with my thigh high stiletto boots. From here I took a longer thin rope and bound his cock and balls tightly. I like tugging on the rope so I can hear his moans. His nipples looked too naked so I fixed that by applying a few clothes pins. At this point I put a hood on him so I could take a few pictures of my work.

I took a few more of those clothes pins and put them on his hard cock.  For this session I had on a new short pvc dress and thigh high boots, both of which another loyal slave had just given me. I turned around to have my ass facing him. I lowered myself a bit to get my ass in his lap and twerked my booty on his clothes’ pin covered cock. I laughed at his screams. I then used the hitachi on the head of his dick. I can’t get enough of watching  a cock get super hard and turn purple with cloths pins on it, when I come at it  with the hitachi. The sounds that comes out of their mouth are a mix of pure pain and pleasure from the over stimulation. Here is when I slap those clothes pins of his cock and then his nipples. Again this is when I am happy I had him tied nice and tight to that chair.

Looking forward to seeing this pet again when he is in town. I feel very lucky to have  slaves I see who are happy to give me the gift of there submission time and time again. It’s beyond fun to torment them.