Imposing my will

I love fucking with men’s heads. It’s so easy to manipulate a man. Sometimes I begin session by being slightly sensual . Softly running my hands all over their naked body, lightly scratching their skin as I as I whisper to them that they are here for my perverted pleasure and will succumb to my whims. It sends their senses into overdrive and they begin to let go, let their guard down. It’s perfect because they play right into my hands. They are in the moment. They let go of expectation and the anticipation of what s to come. I’ll then tie them up with their rock hard cock exposed. I smile, maybe lick my lips, softly breath near their neck and out of nowhere I swiftly slap their cock as hard as I can. They were so lost in the moment that quick change of sensation is even more intense. Throughout session I like to do this. It’s how I get into my slaves head and use their depraved fantasies against them. They crave for the moment I am close, stimulating the skin on their back which makes them love the sting when I slap them across the face. That fear after I flick their tightly tied up balls. They learn to love it and that’s when I possess their psyche

Food play humiliation with My foot slave

I saw one of My toys the other evening.  He’s very into sploshing which I do not get to do very often. It can get a bit messy but I have an enjoyable time none the less. Besides I can get him to eat most of the mess. He also loves feet and humiliation. The more dirty and degrading the better. How delightful! I make him do the most ridiculous things. I’ve covered him in chocolate sauce, rubbed my feet all over him and made him lick all the chocolate off my dirty feet. I spit on him, I have stuffed  cupcakes  up his ass to then make him eat it. The other night I was nice enough to allow him to jerk off onto a cupcake. Of course I then made him eat it. The depravity is endless with him.  When we were through, I made him eat the remnants of cupcake off the floor. His mouth was my dust pan. I know he enjoys every second of the humiliation. I mean how else would he be able to get an attractive woman to pay any attention to him? I do enjoy playing with him. He is very sweet and submissive. I wanted to try jello at one point but realized the food coloring would be a pain in the ass to get off.  I think our next session I may try pudding. Smooth and silking when rubbing it all over another person. Would glide nicely over the skin.