Sissy Maid

He arrived in a grey suit to which he told me he was wearing panties and stocking underneath. He apparently does this look often. I’m into it. I made him strip out of the suit. I want to see what I’m working with. The suit removal did in fact reveal pink lace panties and pink thigh highs. I ordered her to dance for me after all her job is to keep me entertained. She brought with her an adorable maid’s outfit and black pumps. I had her put them on. The transformation into my sissy maid had begun. First order of business was to clean and shine my boots with her tongue. I then removed my boots and allowed her to worship my feet. I am always in the mood for a foot massage. I will say she did not disappoint with the foot rub. I then handed her a pink feather duster and go around the room and dust the shelving and the toys. She did a good job of that as well. It’s always nice when a sissy maid takes their job seriously.

After the cleaning and foot worship I wanted to reward my maid. I tied her to the bondage bed, lifted up her skirt and shoved in a butt plug. I decided I wanted to use a bit of electro on her clit. Once the pads were attached, I sat on the maid’s face. As I cranked up the electro I began smothering her with my ass. I enjoy turning up the potency of the electro while sitting my ass more firmly on their face causing more suffocation.

I put on my strap on on and let this bitch out of bondage. This maid loves cock so I had her suck mine of course. I picked a cock similar to the one I sucked that morning which was pretty substantial. I told her this and that she would now need to impress me. This slave again did a very good job, particularly the skull fucking and licking my balls. From here I bent her over the bondage bed and began the pegging and hair pulling. After a fierce round of who’s your daddy, I made her get on her knees. I allowed the slave to touch her clit as she sucked my dick. When she came I made her rub the cum on my cock and suck every last drop off.

Latex fetish

I like latex. I have a few pieces and am always looking for more. I have no problem with a wardrobe request for it. This particular fetishist requested I wear my black latex catsuit, shiny platform heels and glossy red lips. Looks that I do wear to begin with. He also had a smoking fetish. I am not a cigarette smoker but there is something erotic and dangerous  about it, so I will indulge in the vice from time to time during session.

I put him in a shiny PVC catsuit and a collar around his neck. I attached the chain leash to his neck and ordered him to get on his knees. I rewarded him with my spit in his mouth. I then lead him across the room where I sat in a large wooden chair. With him at my feet, I instructed him to begin to worship my feet. Just like any fetishist it was hard for him to control himself. He enthusiastically rubbed his face all over my shiny platform heels, then holding each of them and licking them from heel to toe. He took one of my heel and began sucking it like a cock, licking and deep throating. As he was reveling my shoes, lit up a cigarette.  A few clouds of smoke began to fill the room. I yanked on his leash, drawing him up from my feet. Face to face I blew the smoke right at him. He breathed it in deeply with a smile.  I took another puff. I let it out as I told him that he was now my plaything. I took another long puff and stood up. I allowed him to rub his head on my shiny latex, blowing more smoke at him. I made him open him open his mouth and I flicked the ash off the tip of my cigarette into his mouth. I had him keep his mouth open and I gave him a nice bit of my spit to help wash it all down. When I was finished with the cigarette, I let him worship more of my latex. He rubbed his face all over my legs thighs and ass. i let him shine my catsuit as well. What a lucky bitch. I finished our session my pissing down his throat. I sat on my toiet with him beneath me, smoking and pissing.